Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Congratulations, Newbery Honorees!

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2011 Newbery Awards! We at StorySleuths were so pleased that two of our 2010 focus books received Newbery Honors:  Jennifer Holm's Turtle in Paradise and Rita Williams Garcia's One Crazy Summer.

Both books feature fabulous characters, historical settings, and exciting plots. To celebrate the Newbery Honor awards, we have consolidated all of our postings, including author interviews, on both books here. We invite you to read our files for evidence of what makes Turtle in Paradise and One Crazy Summer such distinguished books.

Turtle in Paradise

  1. Creating Memorable Character Names
  2. Narrative Voice
  3. The Narrative Hook
  4. Chapter Beginnings
  5. A Word from Jennifer Holm
  6. Rooting for a Prickly Character

One Crazy Summer

  1. Writing from Your Own Experience
  2. Dialogue
  3. Bringing History to Story
  4. The Ticking Clock
  5. Antagonist
  6. Interview with Rita Williams-Garcia
  7. Guest Post: Attending to Your Audience (Monica Edinger)